Sales Mastery Academy

Structured Team Training Program

Sales Mastery Course: The monthly trainings are design to accelerate salespeople to a truly elite status. We drive into the science of why people buy, the psychology of the decision-making process and the most effective use of powerful persuasion techniques.

Your professional sales training consultant will help your team face challenges head on. Through personalized on-site team training, one-on-one consultations with team members, training guides and access to our entire team of coaching professionals, we will take your team step-by-step through successful sales strategies, time saving tools and create life changing habits that will have your team closing more sales. The Sales Team’s Edge proven sales success strategies are guaranteed to lead to increase success in six short months.


  • Monthly 3-hour on-site LIVE training for your sales teams.
  • Monthly 45 minute LIVE conference calls to review the prior training, set up expectations for the next month’s session, and Q&A.
  • Weekly Leadership Training with Sales Team Manager via phone to provide updated progress of team conduct leadership and Sales Manager’s Edge training modules and support.
  • Accountability Program that includes daily monitoring of sales activity Critical Success Factors (CSF).
  • Strategic business plan that includes specific sales & marketing processes.
  • Unlimited email communication 24/7/365 and emergency access to your Sales Training Consultant.
  • Social networking assessment for each sales team member and the tools and techniques to establish a sales infrastructure that works 24/7/365.