Super Charged Sales Academy

45 day High Impact Team Training Program

This HIGH IMPACT quick start sales training begins with 2 full days of training with a Certified Training Consultant on-site doing one-on-one meetings with each sales professional on your team setting goals and training objectives. Choice of 4-5 training modules guaranteed to give your team a supercharged jump start.

  • 2 full-day on-site LIVE training with your sales teams.
  • Weekly Leadership Training with Sales Team Manager via phone to provide updated progress of team conduct leadership and Sales Manager’s Edge training modules and support.
  • Accountability Program that includes daily monitoring of sales activity Critical Success Factors (CSF).
  • Strategic business plan that includes specific sales & marketing processes.
  • Unlimited email communication 24/7/365 and emergency access to your Sales Training Consultant.
  • Social networking assessment for each sales team member and the tools and techniques to establish a sales infrastructure that works 24/7/365.