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Gary inspires individuals and organizations to reach higher levels of success both personally and professionally.

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Gary covers why and how to add excitement and enthusiasm and then zeros in on doing this in 3 main areas (Attitude, Balanced Lifestyle, and Accountability). This Gary’s signature keynote and the one he performed over 200 times around the world. You will be guided through an exercise called “Ideal Wheel” in which they will be given and system where you can actually keep score and monitor your growth in the 7 critical areas of your life. Furthermore, you will be led through putting together a very powerful 60 day game plan to absolutely Turn It Up A Notch in your Life and their Career.


A working keynote with a powerful take–a–way. We dig into our “SELF TALK” in this session. For most people 60-80% of what we say to us when we talk to ourselves is either Negative or “Survival mode” Things like I gotta go to work, I have to eat, make money, be nice etc… are all not too inspiring. In this session we train the mind to think inspiring and positive thoughts in a fun, heart tugging way. By the end all of the audience will be writing their own powerful Affirmations that they can then recite daily to really shift their attitude, activity and results in so many areas of their lives.


In this newly created keynote you will dig really deep into what you really want in your life. We will explore WHY you do what you and think what you think. This session has you digging deep into your core of what is important to you and what you are really willing to do, absolutely, no matter what, to achieve what you really want. Your entire life becomes much clearer when you clearly have a vision for what makes you tick and what it is you really want. You will walk away from this session more driven, more inspired, more focused and more attractive to those around you because of the way you will now be “showing up” This session includes quite a bit of group participation and has you very involved with others in the session … each of you assisting to help the others you are working with more powerful and concrete on what you are now about to go out and achieve in this world.