Our Clients and Testimonials

You taught me so much in such a short period of time. You have truly helped me build a great foundation for a successful future.
Beth L., San Jose, CA

There is no other person that can match you and what you teach when it comes to sales training and keynote speaking. You are an exceptional teacher, speaker, coach and mentor.
Tammy S., San Diego, CA

When Gary spoke at our National Meeting he was extremely motivational and I can see why he is bound for the speakers’ circuit.
Fran S., Nashville, TN

You have always been really inspiring to all of us through all of your presentations at the National Sales Meetings. Every time you speak, you rock the house.
Stacy F., ND

I have known Gary for several years. He is like my better half. I am a good planner, but Gary is a great planner. I have high expectations, but he has off the chart expectations. I work hard, but nobody works harder than Gary. I know that Gary and the folks that work with him can teach anybody anything with passion and energy. They really care about others and have huge hearts. You will really enjoy working with them.
Tim H., St. Louis, MO

I truly believe that motivational speaking is your passion, your gift, and your calling. I can’t wait to purchase a ticket to your sold out engagement when you are traveling with the likes of Tom Hopkins and Zig Ziglar.
Tracy H., Nashville, TN

Every seat was filled and there were even people standing in the back and sides of the room to hear Gary’s powerful message
Jason M., San Jose, CA

I have become better organized, more motivated, and focused since meeting with Gary on a regular basis. He is very good!
Jan B., San Jose, CA